Aurora Web
Step 1

After your enquiry for a new or existing project, we arrange a meeting to discuss about the concept of the project and hear your ideas. Then, we will suggest any improvements you may find interesting. At the end of the meeting, all aspects discussed, will be given to the design team in order to create the design proposal!

* Due to Covid-19, all meetings will be online in your desired platform.

Step 2

We ask you to provide us with any relevant materials including logo, pictures, content in order to create a basic but professional mock-up of the website. The mock-up will be finalised based on the comments you will tell us after reviewing the initial mock-up.

Step 3

At this stage, the improved mock-up will be presented to you in order to review it and share with us your opinion and things to improve.

Step 4

The final mock-up is ready and with your approval we begin to develop the website based on the design we have agreed.

Step 5

Final changes, run as many tests required to be confirm that the website is ready to be published.
You only need to give us the green light to go live!